Reflecting a diverse marketplace

We strive to meet the demands of diverse consumers to achieve our business goals and objectives. Inclusive business practices are about being culturally relevant and meeting consumers and customers where they are, wherever that might be. That’s how we help people feel not just fed but fulfilled. Being inclusive is about marketing and so much more. It’s about ensuring we have accessible, appropriate foods in our portfolio and creating the right go-to-market strategies to get our foods in the hands of all who want and need them.

  • Women pouring a bowl of cereal and milk
  • Packging featuring Navilens technology, helping those with vision impairment read the packaging

This means making sure we have representation from members of our diverse Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) on marketing steering committees; introducing regional cuisines and cultural celebrations to people around the world; breaking stereotypes in our advertising; and even being the first consumer-packaged-goods company to make packaging that helps visually challenged consumers navigate our foods and grocery store aisles. More information about these efforts is included in Features.


Business Employee Resource Groups at Kellogg