Message from the Sr. VP, Chief Global Corporate Affairs Officer

Making a difference for 3 billion people

A day where people are fed and fulfilled. A day where our planet thrives. A day where there is a place at the table for everyone.

Our founder, W.K. Kellogg, believed that part of running a good business was doing good for society. This promise has guided our company for over a century. And it remains our promise to create better days, and a good and just world, for years to come.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments have been gaining a lot of attention with the rise in societal demand for companies to lead with purpose and generate positive impact, but this isn’t new to Kellogg. As a leading global plant-based foods company, we’ve been on a journey since our founding to positively impact people and the planet. It’s who we are and who we’ve always been, long before ESG was even drafted or defined as it is today.

The current food crisis iterates the importance of addressing food security and wellbeing. Factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s war with Ukraine are reducing exports of food crops, pushing global food prices higher and increasing the risk of poverty, hunger and malnutrition. A recent analysis suggests that the number of people facing food insecurity globally continues to be a risk1.

In 2015, we set an ambitious goal of creating better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. We’ve recently sharpened our holistic environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy that will get us there.

That is our Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise: to advance sustainable and equitable access to food by addressing the intersection of wellbeing, hunger, sustainability and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Already, we’re making great progress on our journey, as we are clearly focused on the areas where we can make the biggest difference. These results are detailed in our progress chart. So rather than restate the numbers, I’d like to give you a behind the scenes look at a few of our efforts and some of the people touched by this work. I encourage you to spend some time on our site, where you’ll find many more examples from around the world.


Kellogg is targeting childhood malnutrition in Guatemala, which ranks first in Latin America and sixth in the world for childhood malnutrition rates. With its Better Days to Grow Together program and partners, Kellogg is not only providing food, but also helping families build life-long, healthy habits through nutrition and gardening education plus encouraging physical activity.


When the pandemic made it even more difficult for people in South Africa to get food, employees in our Spring facility created food hampers from reusable shopping bags with 13,000 meals and face masks for area families. Employees like Enoch had the opportunity to personally deliver the hampers to those in need on World Food Day.


Kellogg recently announced InGrained – a $2 million, five-year program to work with U.S. Lower Mississippi River Basin rice farmers to reduce their climate impact. The focus is on reducing methane – a greenhouse gas (GHG) that’s 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide2. This is important because more than 4 billion people – more than half the world’s population3 – rely on rice as a primary source of nourishment.


Each year, our employees advocate for food security in honor of World Food Day in October by volunteering at organizations in their communities. In 2021, Kellogg employees volunteered more than 1,300 hours in communities around the world. 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Chef in Residency Fellowship is bringing more Black chefs into food research and development. The yearlong program helps leading Black chefs understand how companies develop new foods and introduces Kellogg to new tastes, ingredients and flavors enjoyed by Black consumers. Our Chefs in Residence are proving that the culinary arts are a great way to make cultural connections.

These efforts to create a good and just world for years to come can only happen with the help of our employees, shareowners, customers, people who enjoy our foods, suppliers, government leaders, nongovernmental organizations and partners. We’re grateful for your support as we continue to create better days around the world.


Kris Bahner
Senior Vice President, Chief Global Corporate Affairs Officer
Global Corporate Affairs
Kellogg Company
August 2022