Encouraging volunteerism

Giving back to others is a long-held belief at Kellogg Company. We’re proud to be part of communities around the world and even more proud of all our employees do to help the people in these communities thrive.

To say that Kellogg has established a volunteer culture is an understatement. Since 2015, our employees have volunteered more than 130,000 hours to support people around the world. Their generosity is helping us achieve our ambitious Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise to create better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030.

To help employees get involved, some of our regions give them time away from work each year to volunteer. It’s also not unusual for Kellogg teams to volunteer together. Our senior leaders demonstrate our company’s commitment to volunteering by doing so regularly. Through our Volunteer With Me program, leaders encourage employees to spend time volunteering with them in our communities. Doing so gives people the opportunity to work side-by-side with senior executives they might not otherwise have an opportunity to know, while together making a difference in our neighbors’ lives.

For example, our internal Better Days campaign powered by United Way—an annual donation and volunteer drive geared toward Kellogg employees in the U.S.—resulted in nearly $3.7 million donated to benefit United Way, other charity partners and designated charities. These donations fund local programming that benefits food banks, school breakfast programs and other community support.

Members of our business employee resource groups (BERGs) also support our communities through volunteerism. Together they prepare food packs for children and their families, volunteer at community events, work at school breakfast programs and other activities that create better days for others.

Volunteering on our annual day of service

For almost 10 years, our employees have provided annual volunteer service in honor of World Food Day in October by volunteering at organizations in their communities. In 2022, our employees in every region volunteered an incredible 2,400+ hours in their communities, either virtually or in person, with Kellogg pledging $10 to long-time partner United Way for every hour that U.S.-based employees logged.

From our earliest days, Kellogg has been a purpose-driven organization. Whether it’s rescuing leftover spaghetti squash in a field in Mexico to reduce food waste; building a playground in Georgia inspired by mushrooms; or committing to 100 acts of volunteerism to celebrate 100 years in the UK, our employees simply feel good about our company, their colleagues, our leaders and themselves when they work together to help others.